“Salaris” is an extract from cysts of brine shrimp, which
is a vitamin-lipid complex with antioxidant.

This feed additive improves the properties of feed by most parameters.

Testing of feed with Salaris extract gave the following results:

– an increase in the safety, growth rates of juveniles and valuable commercial fish species listed in the Red Book;

– Acceleration of the rate of formation of sturgeon broodstock and obtaining higher quality fish food caviar.

Among the traditionally used sources of macro-, micro- and ultramicroelements, the extract from Artemia cysts practically has no analogues in the world.

Raw materials for the production of “Salaris” are their ecologically clean lakes of Western Siberia.

The extract allows to accelerate the rate of development of embryos in eggs and sturgeon larvae by 25-30% during the entire period of incubation.

Reducing the death of embryos and increasing their survival at the stages of transition to active nutrition by 23-25%.