“Salaris” is an extract from cyst of the crustacean artemia, which is a vitamin-lipid complex with a centioxidant. The main field of application of the extract with antioxidant

Salaris allows you to create a new generation of feed for aquaculture and livestock. This feed additive improves the properties of feed for all indicators.

The use of fodders with the extract of “Salaris” gave the following results:

– increase in the rate of growth of young and valuable fish species;

– acceleration of the rate of formation of the broodstock broodstock and obtaining a better caviar.

Artemia is a common food used in world aquaculture. Most often it is used in the form of nauplii, obtained from artemia cysts, this live food is the most popular in the world and is considered to be an indispensable food for juveniles, valuable species of sturgeon, trout and royal prawn.

The company “NECA” has created an extract from the cyst of the crustacean artemia, which is a vitamin-lipid complex with an antioxidant.

Extraction of extract from Artemia cysts is carried out using modern technology of mechanical wet filtration.

Among the traditionally used sources of macro-, micro-, and ultramicroelements, the extract from cysts of artemia has practically no world analogues.

For the production of the vitamin-lipid complex with the antioxidant “Salaris” NEKA company uses ecologically clean lakes of Western Siberia.

On the basis of the full-scale fish breeding complex of  LLC “Maltat” in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, using an experimental method, we used a number of new technologies aimed at improving the reproduction of aquatic biological resources:

– We tried a new technology to control the embryonic-larval development of sturgeon using the line of antioxidant compounds;

– the technology of growing young sturgeon and salmon with the use of new food additives based on the extract “Salaris” from the cyst of Artemia cyst;

– A new method for pre-spawning sturgeon producers is proposed.

Main results of scientific research work

– Accelerating the rate of embryo development in sturgeon caviar during the whole incubation period.
– Accelerated growth rates of larvae of groupers in comparison with control basins by 25-30%
– Decrease in mortality of embryos of sturgeon and increase in their survival at the stages of transition to active nutrition at the stage of larval development by 23-25%.

Results of experience of Siberian sterlet producers with the stage of caviar maturity 1-2.

  Food “Aller Sturgeon Rep”, processed with the extract “Salaris” Forage «« Aller Sturgeon Rep », without treatment with the extract” Salaris “
Pisces (females) that have reached maturity for the development period of 100 days




The use of the proposed technologies and methods allows

– increase the safety, growth rates of juveniles and valuable commercial fish species listed in the Red Data Book;

– more rapidly to form broodstocks of sturgeon and to receive a better fish hatchery,

Applied technologies in the salmon production sector increase the efficiency of commercial fish farming.