From dry Artemia cysts, nauplii are obtained during the incubation process.

Nauplii are a natural live food for a newborn shrimp or fry.

In one gram of our products can be from 180 to 220 thousand dry cysts, with a diameter of 210 to 250 microns.

The length of the appeared naupiluses is not more than 0.5 mm – an ideal size for consumption in aquaculture and aquarium farming.

Artemia cysts have a rich lipid-vitamin composition, a large number of proteins, peptides and amino acids. It is newborn nauplii that have a large number of trace elements and essential amino acids involved in protein synthesis, compared with cysts or adult crustaceans. The same goes for lipids and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Vitamins, steroids and hormone-like substances, growth factors and other fat-soluble biologically active compounds are the development resources laid down by the Siberian nature.

The state of their immunity and the potential for further growth depend on the composition and amount of natural nutrients obtained by shrimp or small.

Our company provides detailed instructions for the most effective incubation of starter food for shrimp, marine and freshwater tropical fish, ornamental and aquarium fish.

Amino acid content – from 48%;
The lipid component is from 15%,
Product humidity – not more than 8%.

Values ​​of CPG, NPG and CPG / NPG indicators for each product category, our laboratory will inform you on request.


tin can – 425 g.
Vacuum package – 425 g.
double polypropylene bag (wired) – 25kg, 35kg.